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Gas-to-Liquids Facility

The gas-to-liquids facility (GTL) – a first for the U.S. and a true game-changer for America’s energy future – will convert natural gas into cleaner-burning diesel fuel for transportation.

Sasol’s proposed GTL facility will convert natural gas into 96,000 barrels per day of GTL diesel and other valuable products, maximizing in-country value. The current project costs for the GTL facility is estimated between $11 -$14 billion.

GTL diesel is virtually free of sulfur and aromatic compounds, cleaner-burning than conventional diesel with equivalent or lower greenhouse gas emissions. Its use for transportation – especially in older vehicles without advanced exhaust after treatment systems – reduces emissions of particulates and other pollutants helping to improve ambient air quality. GTL diesel also has a number of performance benefits including enhanced engine cleanliness, better cold start performance and positive impacts on lubricant condition and engine life.

The front-end engineering and design phase for the project is expected to be completed in 2016 with beneficial operation to be achieved in 2019 (phase one) and 2020 (phase two).

Sasol Gas-to-liquids Facility Fact Sheet