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Welcome to Sasol's Project Website

Sasol, an international integrated energy and chemical company, is a world leader in the commercial production of liquid fuels and chemicals from natural gas. From transportation fuels, paint and medical lasers to perfumes and detergents, Sasol’s products provide far-reaching benefits to people’s lives around the globe.

With plans to make significant investments in Southwest Louisiana, Sasol is proposing the construction of a world-scale ethane cracker and gas-to-liquids (GTL) facility at its Westlake site in Southwest Louisiana. This innovative complex will not only benefit our nation’s energy independence, but will also be a tremendous economic stimulus to the region.

Sasol has been a member of the Southwest Louisiana community for more than a decade. We’re proud to be considering a new phase of growth and investment. We invite you to learn more about our proposed ethane cracker and GTL PROJECTS (internal link to projects page) and our innovative GTL technology and learn more about our proposed Westlake GTL and ethane cracker projects.